Older Drivers

You have been driving for many years now, but how can you improve your safety?

As we get older, health and fitness begins to deteriorate, and age related conditions can eventually mean that there is a point when we must give up driving.

However, this point is different for each individual person; there isn’t an age at which all drivers become unable to drive safely. Our advice aims to help you drive safely for longer, and to prepare for retiring from driving if that becomes necessary.


Older drivers

Driver Assessment

The Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC) is a charity that is accredited to deliver Fitness to Drive assessments for DVLA, Motability, NHS and private referrals through the national organisation, Driving Mobility (www.drivingmobility.org.uk).

Our clients range from; Mature Drivers who would like an MOT of their driver skills, people who have acquired a disability and need advice on adaptations and whether they can return to driving safely; to learner drivers who may need help deciding what adaptations would best suit their needs or whether they can overcome any physical, visual and cognitive problems that could affect them learning to drive.

We offer assessment and advice for passengers and carers about vehicle choice and adaptations including specialist car seats to make getting in and out of a vehicle easier. We offer information and advice on powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters which includes how to get a scooter in and out of a car.

We are also running a Regional Transport Hub information and support service through which we advise on benefits, blue badges, public transport, and community transport to help people stay connected especially if they are not a car driver.

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